“Intuition, Exploration, Pleasure and Evolution. Welcome to my creative world!”

Louise Lamirande, visual artist

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The Wheel of Creativity: 6 Strategies to Bring it Back in Motion

Imagine a big wheel like those found at amusement parks. Makes the wheel rotate and what is at the top will move down. If there is enough energy, the wheel shall continue its course and what was at the bottom, will come back up to the top. Creativity follows a similar path. There are ups and downs. If the move is strong enough during the descent, the ascent is going to be easy, but if the energy is low, the course will stop at the bottom and will remain there until a strong thrust put the wheel back in motion. read more

Next Exhibition: International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibition 11

I am pleased to announce that I am part of the fifty artists whose artworks were selected for the 11th edition of the International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibition to be held from November 5 to December 6, 2016, in Ottawa. This is an annual exhibition of digital prints by artists from all around the world. This year the theme is DADA art and was chosen by the curator Marie Hélène Giguère. An independent jury of peers will award three prizes and mentions. read more

Other Experimental Oil Paintings on Translucent Dura-Lar

Today I show you photos from my oil and cold wax experimental paintings done on Dura-Lar’s matte polyester film. This is definitely a substrate that I like a lot but which also represents some challenges. One is to find the right glue to mount the paintings on wood. I have not yet decided on the way I will use to show the artworks from this series. I hesitate between the classic mat and frame combo or mounting the artwork on cradled wood panel. For cold wax and oil paintings on Dura-Lar, I could also choose to glue them on an acid-free hard board... read more

7 Tips to Paint Even When Time is Lacking

In an ideal world, we could devote ourselves to painting as often and as long as we would like, unfortunately, for most of us, this is rarely possible. That's why today, I share with you some tips to manage to paint even when time is lacking. read more

Addition and Subtraction in Painting

The creation of a painting by addition and subtraction of paint is a technique that I like very much and the mixture of oil paint, alkyd gel medium and cold wax is particularly well suited to this approach. Even if a thin layer of this mixture dries quickly compared to the oil paint only, I still have about 24 hours before it is dry to the touch. Beyond this period, it is always possible to add a few drops of a mild solvent to manipulate the paint layer. read more

Where Intuitive and Experimental Work Push Us

In intuitive and experimental painting, you never know in which way the creative impulse is going to push us or come out from it. This is what makes all the interest of this type of approach. I think the hardest part is to leave the judgment aside to fully live the creative process. Here, the path is more important than the destination. read more
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Digital Art

This gallery shows abstract and hybrid paintings created digitally. For those I swap my paint, brushes and canvas for there digital counterpart : a stylus, a digital drawing tablet and a computer.

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Mixed Media Art

This is where to go to see my paintings created with mixed medias like watercolor, gouache, ink and acrylic mostly done on watercolor, Yupo and TerraSkin paper.

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Creative & Experimental Art Journal

I love to experiment new techniques and medias. Here you will find pictures from my creative art journal and some other experimental artwork.

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Other Creations

This is where you will find mandalas, kaleidoscopes images, Zentangle inspired art and all other artworks that do not fit into the other categories.

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