Before writing this blog post, I review my old articles published at the beginning of the previous years. By the way, did you know that I blog about my experience and discoveries in art since September 2011? Yeah, it’s been a long time!

From 2013 to 2015, instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I intuitively chose a symbolic word serving as an anchor for the year’s energy. In 2013, it was “creativity”, in 2014 “personal fulfillment” and in 2015 “authenticity”.

In 2016 and 2017, I did not officially choose a symbolic word, but it could have been “new” for 2016 and “diffusion” for 2017.

Below: Photos of experimental paintings made in November and December 2017.

Collage elements, acrylic and oil on wood. 5×7 inches. No title yet.

After going back in time and reread old blog posts, I notice to what extent the only constant is change or the impermanence fundamental to Buddhist teachings. An idea is transformed into other ideas. One painting leads to another. A discovery brings to more experimentation which in turn generates other discoveries. And so on…

During all these transitions, there is sometimes uncertainty about what will come, but one thing is sure, it will come even if I do not know its nature. The best attitude, I believe , is to focus on the present, even if it is temporary, transient.

So, my symbolic word for 2018 will be: transient present.

Did you choose a symbolic word for 2018? Share it in the comments below!

Happy New Year to you all!

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