Would you like to explore your creativity daily with watercolor? If yes, take a look to the following book published by Quarry Books:

“One Watercolor a Day – A 6 Week Course Exploring Creativity Using Watercolor Pattern and Design” by Veronica Lawlor, Quarry Books, USA, 2013. 128 pages.

The book cover

The book cover

This 6-week course (42 days) promotes the exploration of various watercolor techniques trough different topics and the habit of painting each day. It cultivates paint skills, stimulates imagination and helps to develop your own painting style.

A different exercise is explained for each day in a few paragraphs and illustrated by freestyle, expressionistic or more graphic paintings made by one of the seven professional illustrators who participated to this book.

The following video provides an overview of the visual content of the book.

Is this for you?

If you are a complete beginner with watercolor, this book is probably not for you unless you’re very adventurous because the basics of watercolor painting are explained very shortly in that book. However, it’s also a great way to introduce you to a new medium in a marginal way, off the beaten track. See by yourself if it suits you.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with watercolor (at least a little) and are ready to get out of your comfort zone, to discover or rediscover the pleasures of simplicity or explore new topics in a different way, “One Watercolor a Day” could be a good challenge for you and a real boost to your creativity.

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