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About Me


I’m a French Canadian artist actually living in a suburb of Montreal with my life companion and my son.

As far as I remember, creativity has always been part of my life. Over the years, it has manifested itself in various forms such as visual arts, crafts, writing, scenography and even the creation of websites.

In spite of this, for twenty years, life has diverted me from this fundamental drive during which time I devoted myself to personal growth, alternative and energetic medicine and the spiritual dimension of the human being.

Since 2011, the deep rooted creative impulse has resurfaced and reunited me with my old friend … painting.

Artist Statement

The intuition, the exploration, the pleasure and the evolution are fundamental to my artistic approach which expresses itself through digital abstract and experimental mixed-media paintings.

Abstract painting allows distancing me from reality by creating colored universes in which I travel emotionally with my senses. The movement and the colors transport me.

I usually paint intuitively, without sketch or preconceived ideas, by letting myself be guided by my sensations, my impulses and the silent dialogue established between me and the painting. In my current process, I look for a creative state of full consciousness in which I am attuned at the same time to the outside world, my inner world, the mind and the interaction between me and the artwork.

I use both digital and mixed media in my artistic practice. Both practices feed mutually. With the digital medium, the stylus replaces the brush while the digital tablet and the computer’s screen, the canvas. The digital technology fascinates me and stimulates my creativity with its flexibility and the multiple possibilities that it offers. It allows me to go out of my comfort zone, to show boldness and to explore several ways to do the same painting evolving while allowing me, in a few clicks, to go back easily if the result does not please me.

As for my exploration of mixed media, it brings me, through the manipulation of various media such as watercolor, inks, acrylic and oil, the sensory and tactile experience which is absent in digital painting, as well as other ways of expression.

Current Exploration

At the moment, I dedicate myself to oil and cold wax painting on translucent polyester film, as well as acrylic and India ink on Yupo paper.

With these different mediums and substrates, I explore the painting technique by addition and subtraction which allows me to create artworks richly textured giving the impression of being marked by the passage of time.

When painting, I constantly impose myself new challenges in order to force me to go out of my comfort zone and progress. In this state of mind, I recently decided to reduce my color palette to a bare minimum and to include black, something I had never done before. My current work is centred on the exploration of the movement, texture effects, light and shadow. I seek presence, emotion and imagination in the subtlety of browns, ochres, grays and black.

Complete Curriculum and Artist Statement in PDF format available upon request. 

About this website

This website was created with the intent to share my of digital and mixed media painting with readers who can’t understand the content of my artist’s website written in French only  (click here if you are curious). I hope you will enjoy this website.

English as a second language

Even if I’m not perfectly at ease to speak and write in English, I’m usually able to make myself understood. The proof is this website. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions or comments.


I would like you to know that painting makes my heart and soul sing with joy and happiness. I hope your visit will also make your heart and soul sing.

Thanks for being here, I greatly appreciate it,

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