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About Me


I’m a French Canadian artist actually living in a suburb of Montreal with my life companion and my son.

As far as I remember, creativity has always been part of my life. Over the years, it has manifested itself in various forms such as visual arts, crafts, writing, scenography and even the creation of websites.

In spite of this, for twenty years, life has diverted me from this fundamental drive during which time I devoted myself to personal growth, alternative and energetic medicine and the spiritual dimension of the human being.

Since 2011, the deep rooted creative impulse has resurfaced and reunited me with my old friend … painting.


Artistic Studies

2013 Gestion de carrière artistique Blanche Morin et Claude Gillet, online
1988-1986 Études cinématographiques Université de Montréal, partial
1986-1983 DEC en Scénographie Cégep Lionel-Groulx, Ste-Thérèse de Blainville
1983-1982 Arts plastiques Cégep de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

Solo Exhibition

2018 Exposition solo, Public Library. Ville Lorraine, Quebec.

Group Exhibitions

2017 Annuelle des Arts 2017, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
Exposition des artistes de Lorraine et invités, Maison Gart. Lorraine, Quebec.
L’Art de Mai 2017, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
Twitter Art Exhibit 2017, Stratford upon Avon, UK.
Le Sélection Laval, Le Sélection Laval, Laval, Quebec.
2017-2016 Annuelle des Arts 2016 – Événement à l’hôtel de ville de Laval

City Hall. Laval, Québec.

2016 International digital art miniprint exhibition 11

La Voix Visuelle, Ottawa, Ontario. Curator: Marie Hélène Giguère.

Annuelle des Arts 2016, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
L’Art de Mai 2016, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
Twitter Art Exhibit : NYC 2016, Trygve Lie Gallery. New York, USA.
2015 Annuelle des Arts 2015, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
L’Art de Mai 2015, Centre d’art de Ste-Rose. Laval, Quebec.
Twitter Art Exhibit 2015, Moss Library. Moss, Norway.
2014 International digital art miniprint exhibition 9

La voix visuelle, Ottawa, Ontario. Curator: François Chalifour.

  Folies de décembre, Maison André-Benjamin Papineau, Laval, Quebec.
2014 1 ère édition de la Triennale Internationale Prix Contraste de l’estampe numérique, Galerie Contraste, Fribourg, Switzerland.
  Annuelle des Arts 2014, Maison André-Benjamin Papineau,  Laval, Quebec
L’Art de Mai 2014, Maison André-Benjamin Papineau, Laval, Quebec
  Twitter Art Exhibit 2014 CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery, Orlando, Florida
2013 International digital art miniprint exhibition 8, La voix visuelle, Ottawa, Ontario. Curator : André Paquin.
  Annuelle des Arts 2013, Maison André-Benjamin Papineau. Laval, Quebec
  L’Art de Mai 2013, Maison André-Benjamin Papineau. Laval, Quebec
2012 Bridging Heaven and Earth 2012, Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Project. Santa Barbara, California, USA

Press & Media

2017 Louise Lamirande – Peintre

Émergence Magazine Québec – november 2017. EMQ Média. Pages 12 to 19.

2015 Bienvenue chez les #NUMÉRICAINS

Ici.radio-canada.ca/numericains. Producer: Chloé Sondervorst. Written testimony and painting published on the blog.

2014 The Daily Muse: An exclusive interview with Louise Lamirande, Mixed Media / Digital Artist, Interview & paintings published on ElusiveMu.se
Mondialisation. Prix Contraste de l’estampe numérique 2014

Galerie Contraste, Fribourg, Switzerland. International art exhibit catalog.

L’estampe numérique primée

Journalist: Monique Durussel. Painting published in the Swiss Newspaper « La liberté », Fribourg.

Group Show-Digital Art from Canada

Curators: Hungarian Electrographic Art Association, Voix Visuelle Canada. Met Gallery, Budapest, Hongrie. Painting published online.

2012 Bridging Heaven and Art Show #286

Web and local television show. Painting shown.

Other experiences

2016-2011 Creation, management, writing Artist website: LouiseLamirande.com
2014-2010 Creation, management, writing Guide du Bien-Être. Website (closed)
2010 Creation, management, writing Guide du Bien-Être : 52 semaines de développement personnel (online program)
2011-2008 Writing Pranic Healing Québec (blog)
1988-1985 Scenograph, prop woman, stagehand Laval, Quebec, Montreal.
1984 Muralist Cégep de Sherbrooke.


Artist Statement

Consciousness, exploration, pleasure and evolution are fundamental to my artistic approach which expresses itself through abstract and semi-abstract paintings created with various mediums like the acrylic, oil, ink and digital .

Abstract painting and semi-abstract painting are distancing me from reality by creating imaginary worlds in which I travel emotionally with my senses. The movement, shapes, colors and textures transport me.

I’m looking for a state of balance between the intuitive and the rational mind, between the spontaneous and the conscious gestures while listening to the present moment, my inner universe and the emerging artwork.

Current Exploration

At the moment, I dedicate myself to oil and cold wax painting on translucent polyester film or wood, as well as acrylic and India ink on Yupo paper.

With these different mediums and substrates, I explore the painting technique by addition and subtraction which allows me to create richly textured artworks giving the impression of being marked by the passage of time.

When painting, I constantly impose myself new challenges in order to go out of my comfort zone and progress. It’s one of the fundamentals in my creative process. As a result, my work is frequently redefined and evolves to the rhythm of those challenges.

About this website

This website was created with the intent to share my paintings and discoveries with readers who can’t understand the content of my artist’s website written in French (click here if you are curious).

Enjoy your visit,

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