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2015 – “Bienvenue chez les #NUMÉRICAINS”. 2015. Director: Chloé Sondervorst. Testimony and photo from a painting published on the blog. Link.

2014 – “The Daily Muse: An exclusive interview with Louise Lamirande, Mixed Media / Digital Artist”. Tom LaBadia & Kim R. Draper.
Interview published online.

2014 – “L’estampe numérique primée”. Written by Monique Durussel. La liberté (newspaper). Fribourg, Switzerland. Nov. 2014. Link.

2014 – “Mondialisation. Prix Contraste de l’estampe numérique 2014”.  Galerie Contraste, Fribourg, Switzerland. Catalog from the international art exhibition.

2014 – Group Show- Digital Art from Canada. Curators : Hungarian Electrographic Art Association, Voix Visuelle Canada. Met Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. Advertisement and photo of a painting published online. Link.

2012 – Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Project. Santa Barbara, California, USA. Artwork on a Online Show with Allan Silberhartz. Link.

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