Today I am going to speak about a clothing company. My goal is not to advertise, but to let you know about a company whose concept is innovative and could present some of my artworks in an original way with a little help from you. You will understand by reading what follows.

Art-A-Porter, What is It?

Art-A-Porter is a young company that sells high-end clothings made in Montreal. So far, it’s nothing really special, but what distinguishes Art-A-Porter, is that these clothes are used as canvas to display artworks by artists from all around the world. Furthermore, the clothes are created in limited edition and numbered.

Get out of you head the image of a simple T-shirt with a rectangular design printed on it which wash out over time. Art-A-Porter uses a process ensuring the longevity of the printed image as well as its full integration into the design of the clothes which is, by the way, lifetime warranty by the company.

Overview of one collection designed by Art-A-Porter using artworks from all over the world artists.

Overview of one collection designed by Art-A-Porter using artworks from all over the world artists.

Every two weeks, the commissioners of Art-A-Porter select artworks, adapted them to the canvas (shirts, ties, dresses, blouses, etc.) and include them in a collection offered to collectors (those registered on the website). As for the artists, they receive a commission on each sale of product exhibiting their artwork.

For now, black and white artworks dominate the collections, but I hope that this is going to change. You know my love of colors …


A Little Help

The collections offered by the commissioners are influenced by the popularity of the artworks among the website subscribers. As a subscriber, you can support the artists whose works you like by clicking on the button “Support the artwork”  on the images that you would like included in an upcoming collection.

And this is Where I Need You…

I was contacted by Art-A-Porter to present a portfolio of images on their website, however, I need your support in order to have a greater chance that one or more of my digital paintings draw the attention of commissioners and be included in a collection. If you wish to help me, here’s how:

  • Visit the website at
  • Register by clicking on “Log in” located at the top menu. You must provide an email address. A temporary password will be sent to your inbox.
  • When connected, click on “Search” (top menu) and type in my name: Louise Lamirande
  • Then choose among the images of my portfolio, the ones you like and click on them. That’s all!
My portfolio on Art-A-Porter

My portfolio on Art-A-Porter

Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated. I shall inform you of further developments…

See you soon,

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