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How pencils are made? Here is the answer.

Whether it is to make a sketch, to add colors to an artwork, or simply to write a note on a piece of paper, the pencil is so common and such a part of our everyday life that we rarely question ourselves on how it is made.
Personally, I like to know where my art supplies come from and, when it is possible, how they are made.

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Birth of a New Digital Paintings Series

Recently, I began a series of digital paintings. I am not used to create series. I rather tend to follow the impulse of the moment which rarely pushes me in the same direction for a very long time. In fact, it is the first time that I choose to invest myself in a series for weeks and even months.

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4 Art Magazines to Read Online

I like to look at art magazines to discover new artists and their artwork, and learn more about art in general but I’m often repelled by hermetic text or un-friendly and cold design of many publications.

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Portraits of 40 Mixed Media Artists

If there is a profession where the personal life influences the professional work, it is indeed that of an artist. That is why, to have a better understanding of the work of an artist, it is often necessary to know more about the personal life of that artist. The artist, teacher and author Seth Apter understood it well.

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Drawbacks of digital medium in painting

Although I like very much digital painting and use a lot this mode of expression in my current artwork, I have to admit that digital medium has also drawbacks. Below I’m listing a few drawbacks I discovered working with digital tools since 2011.

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What a digital painting is and how it is done

People often ask me what a digital painting is and how it’s done. In fact, digital painting, in my art practice, is very similar to traditional painting, however the tools are different. The computer screen replaces the canevas, I use a stylus instead of brushes, and a graphic tablet to transmit every digital brushstrokes to a specialized software.

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9 Advantages Related to Digital Tools for Painters

When it comes to choose a way to express our creativity in visual art, the choices are many: pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, ink, collage, mixed media … and digital. Which one to choose? It’s a matter of preferences but for those of you who want to know why digital is a wonderful medium for creative painters, read below to find out.

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A Digital Fine Art Print in Switzerland

It is with great pleasure that I announce you that one of my digital paintings will be shown at the first edition of the International Triennial Contrast Awards for digital fine art printmaking which will take place to Fribourg in Switzerland.

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