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9 Advantages Related to Digital Tools for Painters

When it comes to choose a way to express our creativity in visual art, the choices are many: pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, ink, collage, mixed media … and digital. Which one to choose? It’s a matter of preferences but for those of you who want to know why digital is a wonderful medium for creative painters, read below to find out.

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A Digital Fine Art Print in Switzerland

It is with great pleasure that I announce you that one of my digital paintings will be shown at the first edition of the International Triennial Contrast Awards for digital fine art printmaking which will take place to Fribourg in Switzerland.

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Learn to draw with Betty Edwards

Twenty five years ago, I found a book in the ground near a subway station in Montreal. It was the French translation of “Drawing with the right side of the brain” from Betty Edwards. Today, this book is still a reference recommended by many teachers to every person wishing to learn how to draw.

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Yoga for Creative People

Here are 2 videos using Yoga to promote well-being to creative people either working like me doing digital painting at the computer or creating artwork at the drawing table or easel.

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Welcome to this brand new website!

I created this website for you art lover and for all my followers on social media who can’t read my original website published in French. In this blog, I will keep you posted of new artworks, exhibitions, as well as share with you videos, book reviews, interesting links and other things that I think can be of interest for you.

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