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Changes for 2017 and Three Cold Wax and Oil Paintings

The last few weeks, I thought a lot about my artistic activities. I feel that I am in a transition phase and changes, but for now, I have not identified the exact nature of these changes yet. I am expecting something, but I’m not sure what. A strange and sometimes heavy sensation. However, I already made certain decisions which are going to have a direct impact on the blog. The first is that I am going to publish only one or two blog posts per month. Although I like sharing my discoveries and experience with you, I need…

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Review of the Year 2016

At the end of December, do you step back and look at the highlights of the year? I do not know about you, but I do it and it helps me to get an overview of what I have accomplished and to set my main goals for the year to come.

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Love, a Temporary Layaway and a Solo Exhibition Project

I continue my love story with cold wax and oil painting on polyester film to the point that I forget digital painting. The need to physically involve me in the creation of my paintings, to feel the textures under my fingers and to work paint is very strong with me this year and it is what keeps me away from digital painting.

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Next Art Exhibition at Laval City Hall

Last September, the art exhibition “L’Annuelle des Arts 2016” showing artworks created by the members of the Association Lavalloise Pour les Arts Plastiques (ALPAP) took place. It was possible to see about 80 artworks (paintings and sculptures) made by 40 artists members of the association.Twenty artworks that collected the best score from the jury (one work per artist) during this exhibition will soon be presented at Laval City Hall. My digital print titled “Traces indélébiles” is one of them.

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Why Paint on Paper if It is to Glue It Later on Wood?

What are the reasons why it is sometimes advantageous to paint on paper if in the end we want the painting to be on wood? It is what I’m talking about in this blog post. A few weeks ago, I carried out experiments, mounting acrylic paintings made on different kind of on paper like Dura-Lar or rice paper on cradled wood panels. This time, it was the turn of a diptych in acrylic ink on Canson semitransparent tracing paper (18 lb – 30 gr). Why bother to paint on paper instead of doing it directly on the wood? It’s not a waste of time?

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Gluing Dura-Lar on Wood: The Adhesive That Works

In mixed media, the acrylic medium serves as universal glue for almost everything: paper, cardboard, fabric, thread, sand, and more. It is thus quite naturally, that I turned myself toward acrylic medium when I wanted to glue one of my paintings made on translucent Dura-Lar on a cradled wood panel. I say it to you right away: acrylic medium is not effective when it comes to glue a polyester film such as Dura-Lar on painted wood. Apparently, it works, but in reality…

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The time to make a painting and its cost – The erroneous equation

Are you one of those who were asked the following question: “How long did it take you to make this painting?” Or maybe it’s a question you have in mind when you look at my artworks. This question is often asked to artists. It’s a classic. Falsely, people who know little about the reality of the painter’s life believe it is possible to determine the “hourly rate” of the artist by dividing the selling price of a painting by the time it took to paint it. In fact, it is much more complex than that.

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The Wheel of Creativity: 6 Strategies to Bring it Back in Motion

Imagine a big wheel like those found at amusement parks. Makes the wheel rotate and what is at the top will move down. If there is enough energy, the wheel shall continue its course and what was at the bottom, will come back up to the top. Creativity follows a similar path. There are ups and downs. If the move is strong enough during the descent, the ascent is going to be easy, but if the energy is low, the course will stop at the bottom and will remain there until a strong thrust put the wheel back in motion.

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Next Exhibition: International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibition 11

I am pleased to announce that I am part of the fifty artists whose artworks were selected for the 11th edition of the International Digital Art Miniprint Exhibition to be held from November 5 to December 6, 2016, in Ottawa. This is an annual exhibition of digital prints by artists from all around the world. This year the theme is DADA art and was chosen by the curator Marie Hélène Giguère. An independent jury of peers will award three prizes and mentions.

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