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The Challenge of Spontaneous and Assertive Lines

Do you remember the last paintings I showed you which were made with cold wax and oil? Today, I present to you more paintings done using the same technique. As mentioned several times on the blog, I like to challenge myself when I paint, to deliberately go out of my comfort zone. My goal is to develop new skills and to overcome my creative limits. This time, I was challenged myself to incorporate spontaneous and assertive lines into my paintings. Here are photos of the result…

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Of a Complex Simplicity: Three Cold Wax, Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Recently I showed you the steps involved in the creation of three cold wax and oil artworks painted over a textured acrylic background and I mentioned how fear of going too far when painting is the signal for me that I have to go for it. If you have not read this blog post, it is here. Today, I present you photos of three paintings born from defying the fear. I like the “complex simplicity” of these paintings. You know what I mean? In spite of the global simplicity of the paintings, when we look at them closer, we see that the simplicity is only superficial and …

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Thumbing My Nose to the Fear of Going Too Far

The fear of going too far. You know that fear we face when our painting satisfies us and we hesitate to go further because it might ruin all the work done so far? It takes courage to paint, you certainly noticed that. I do not feel that kind of fear when I’m doing digital painting. I simply save the file to any point and I can go back to a previous version as needed, but with oil paint, the fear resurfaces at full speed. Luckily, I learned to use it as a springboard or even to consider it as a friend. When the fear points its nose, it is the signal that I must go further…

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Three Paintings to Go Further

Today I present you the last three cold wax and oil paintings on acrylic from the short series about the senses. This time, I wanted to work in a color range including greens. Why? Simply because I do not feel at ease painting with dark greens. The use of this color does not come naturally to me and that is exactly the reason why I challenged myself to include it in these paintings.

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50 Sources of Inspiration for Your Paintings

To the question “Where to find inspiration for my painting,” I want to answer: everywhere. It would be short and truly representative of what I think, but if you’re out of inspiration, this answer will not help you and I am perfectly aware of it. So, here’s for you a list of some sources to dig in for inspiration. See for yourself which help you the most when you are in front of a blank canvas or a sheet of paper desperately white…

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New in the Online Shop: Acrylic Ink Paintings

I am pleased to announce you that most of acrylic ink paintings that you saw on the blog since last March are now available in the online shop. Look for the Shop >> Originals tabs from the top navigating menu (or click here for a direct access ). The main goal for this series of paintings was to learn to work with transparent acrylic inks and to know how they behave on eco-friendly mineral paper (also called “rock or stone paper”) made of calcium carbonate, the all in a spirit of discovery centred on spontaneity and fun.

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More Paintings From the Series on Senses

Today I present you two cold wax and oil paintings from my series centered on the creative process, especially on the senses. They were created in the same way as the painting I show you two weeks ago (look here) with multiple layers of oil paint and painting cold wax medium. The texture effect is truly nicer to see in real, but since it is impossible to invite you all to visit my little home-based art studio, here are some photos…

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Review of the Conservation Double Mat Pack From MatShop.ca

If you’re like me and you enjoy painting on paper, maybe you are looking where to buy mats. In this blog post, I talk about my online shopping experience at MatShop. Please note that this article is not sponsored by MatShop. My intend is only to share a good shopping address. Recently, I made several acrylic paintings on paper and wanted to offer them for purchase well protected with high quality mats. First, I thought to buy a good mat cuter system to make them myself, but I finally decided not to get into this for now, and to buy them already cut.

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Painting in Silence to Listen Better

Some like to paint in the sound of lively music, while others prefer a soft music or a radio show. There are even some who paint when watching television. Each has his own way and that’s just fine. As for me, I prefer to paint in silence. Here I speak of silence as the absence of music, but according to my perception, silence is far from being silent. I hear the sounds around my studio, birds singing and the cars in the street. I also hear the dehumidifier and air purifier. There are also the sounds that I generate when I scrape paint from the wooden panel with a painting knife or by spraying water on my paper.

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Painting, It’s Life and It’s for Life

This year, spring is cold here in Quebec. At home, crocuses, daffodils, tulips just recently began to go out of earth. The surrounding landscape is lacking colors. Fortunately there is painting. It brings a touch of color around me, makes me vibrate with emotion, travels in imaginary worlds, think, discover, learn, grow, lives new experiences, feel and just be … For me, painting it’s life and it’s for life. What does painting means to you?

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Invocation: A Cold Wax and Oil Painting Created Over a Textured Background

Last week, I show you three cold wax and oil paintings created over textured backgrounds (the blog post is here ). Here is another one, painted over a background textured with crepe paper and a piece of a mesh bag, the kind used to pack onions. As for the other paintings, the texture elements have been glued with acrylic medium and sealed with two layers of acrylic paint before to be painted with many layers of cold wax medium and oil paint. This helps to give a rich texture to the painting as you can see for yourself…

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