I have a lot of fun to visit new websites, reading blogs of artists and to let myself be inspired by their works. One of the things I constantly do is to look for a blogroll. Then I find more blogs and interesting resources to follow on.

I do not have a blogroll list on my website, but I offer you today links to blogs and websites that I like and visit regularly. This list is constantly changing according to my current interests and represents only a fraction of the blogs and websites I visit frequently.

I hope that you will find inspiration and information there too.

Image: geralt / Pixabay.com

Image: geralt / Pixabay.com

Informative Blogs for Artists

  • Fine Art Tips For its tips about painting, business and social media. Probably one of the most popular of its kind.
  • Empty Easel For its variety of tutorials and informative posts.
  • Nancy Reyner  For her  blog offering painting tips and techniques and because I am a great fan of her books.
  • The Artist’s Magazine Blog For the tips on drawing, painting and other useful information.

Art Therapy

  • Art Therapy Spot  Because art therapy is a subject that touches me and I’d like to explore further.
  • Expressive Artworkshops  For its series of posts about the therapeutic aspect of art and the practical exercises proposed.
  • Maricle Counseling  For the blog focused on art therapy.

Inspiring Artists

  • Carol Wilson Fine Art For her acrylic paintings with a lot of texture, collages and her series “Geologic Abstraction”.
  • David Parfitt  No blog here, but breathtaking watercolor landscapes. I love them so much!
  • Rebecca Crowell Art  For her atmospheric abstract paintings and blog articles.
  • Stephanie Paige For the beautiful horizontal lines in her paintings.

To Discover New Artists

  • Elusive Muse To discover an artist each day, the “Resources for Artists” tab, and because they published an interview with me 😉
  • Painter’s Table Another site to discover a variety of artists.

Blogs About Corel Painter

Art and Philosophy

  • Zendotstudio Artist Carole Leslie’s blog. For her Buddhist flavored philosophic blog posts.

I wish you great discoveries and if you want to share with me your favorite blogs and websites about art and particularly about painting, leave a message below or contact me by email.

Thanks for being here and see you soon,

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