Today I’m talking about a very popular book on blogs since its publication in 2012. This is the best-selling book written by Austin Kleon, titled “Steal Like an Artist”, Workman Publishing Company, New York, 2012. 160 Pages.

Steal like and artist


This is a small size book (15.4 x 1.2 x 15.4 cm) of 160 pages read within one hour. Its presentation is dynamic and actual, focusing on catching visual, giant lettering, minimalist but effective illustrations and some photos interspersed with the actual text content.

It is based on 10 points demystifying creativity and making it more accessible to everyone. Each point is then developed in a short chapter and suggests strategies to adopt and ideas for developing our creative potential.

My opinion

Kleon’s book proposes, in an attractive packaging and a friendly tone, ideas promoting creativity and the reader will find in it a good source of motivation to move forward. However, I believe that this book is more for the Internet generation who likes fast, easily accessible content, for people who think that creativity is for others, or to those beginning their career. Personally, I often had the impression of reading a bulleted list on a blog post when reading this book.

For more experienced people, those who have already read a range of books about personal growth books or creativity like me and are aware that the creative world has changed since the advent of the internet, you will find there possibly some good advice but do not learn much new.

In short, this is an easy and rewarding reading for people new to the creative world and a reminder for the more experienced.

Finally, here is an interesting discussion between Austin Kleon and Chase Jarvis around the subject of the book.

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