In early 2015, I began a series of digital paintings combining both my interest in mixed media and digital. Here we are in October and it is more than time for me to collect all the hybrids, to take a look on the progress of this experiment and decide which direction to take with this project for the future.

Some of the paintings from the digital hybrid series. October 2015. © 2015, Louise Lamirande.

Some of the paintings from the digital hybrid series.
October 2015.
© 2015, Louise Lamirande.

The Starting Point

The hybrid series was born from my desire to add textures with a more realistic look to my digital paintings. I wondered what would happen if I scan my paintings created with ink and acrylic and that I then combine them with a software like Corel Painter, adding, if necessary, pure digital effects. A kind of photomontage in which photos would be replaced by scanned paintings….

Here are all the hybrid paintings created and published to date.

(Click one of the pictures to enlarge it, and then navigate from one to the other using the left and right arrows on your keyboard.)

Boldness and Pixels

Over the months, experimenting with these paintings led me to go way beyond my initial desire. In the process, I discovered a path opening me to a boldly creative attitude toward unknown path.

I also learned to fully appreciate in the same artwork, the juxtaposition of pixel effects with digitized textures from my ink paintings. This is new. Before, I avoided as much as possible my digital paintings to look like being made with a computer. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense… So this is one side that I assume better now and even look for.

Solo Exhibition Project

For the first time, as I progressed in my series hybrids, I thought I was holding material which could bring me to a first solo art exhibition, or a duet with one or another artist. I had in mind to create some thirty works at least, and then select the strongest to submit a project of exhibition to art galleries.

Thus, I still have many digital hybrid paintings to create and many steps to take to reach my goal. For most of the galleries, it is too late to submit a project for 2016 but I do not give up. I continue to move forward and will keep you informed of developments.


Thank you for your presence and for your continued support at all stages of my artistic path, including that project of hybrid paintings.

I especially thank those who expressly came to see my digital paintings at local exhibitions. I met some of you and I must say that it was a real pleasure. Your interest in my work touches me and encourages move forward.

With gratitude,

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