If you are looking for an easel, you will see that they often are really expensive, enough to make a big hole in your art supply budget. If you are crafty, or lucky enough to have friends who are and can help you, why not to choose to build one instead?

Below, you will find links to websites offering free instructions to build an easel by yourself. Enjoy!

Easel collage

Click on the links below to visit the websites offering free instructions to build your own easel.

Useful links

  1. Simple classic three legs easel. Free plan to download
  2. Lightweight Tripod Easel. Another very simple design. Free plan to download.
  3. Build your own easel  All the instructions to build a sturdy H model easel, ideal for large painting. Instructions on the website of the artist Ben Grosser.
  4. H Frame Folding Tabletop Easel  A small tabletop easel. Foldable. Free plan to download.
  5. Single Mast Tabletop Easel  A triangle based tabletop easel. Free plan to download.
  6. Counter_weighted Easel  Nice concept for this easel with counter-weight that makes it easy to change the working eight of your canvas. Free instructions with animated pictures on the website.
  7. Folding Tripod Easel  The easel to bring with you to paint outside or if you are limited in space. Free plan to download.

Other sources of inspiration with basic instructions

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