I am pleased to announce you that most of acrylic ink paintings that you saw on the blog since last March are now available in the online shop. Look for the Shop >> Originals tabs from the top navigating menu (or click here for a direct access ).

The main goal for this series of paintings was to learn to work with transparent acrylic inks and to know how they behave on eco-friendly mineral paper (also called “rock or stone paper”) made of calcium carbonate, the all in a spirit of discovery centred on spontaneity and fun.

An overview of the new acrylic ink paintings available in the online shop. © 2016, Louise Lamirande.

An overview of the new acrylic ink paintings available in the online shop.
© 2016, Louise Lamirande.

I was almost a newbie with Golden acrylic inks having worked with them only a few times and being disappointed because at that moment, I was hoping they could behave like alcohol inks. Of course, it was an error to compare these two different mediums, because when I really began experimenting with acrylic inks, I was conquered by their potential as can testify the 14 new paintings added to the online store.

Discover them by watching the following video and visiting the online shop!

Note about the mineral paper from Yasutomo

Maybe you remember the review of the Multimedia mineral paper from Yasutomo I published on the blog last March (look here). I was saying that this paper is so thin that I doubted it could easily be framed. Well, I managed to work around the problem by applying three layers of fluid acrylic varnish on each painting I made on this paper. That’s enough to make it stronger. Then, sandwiched between a mate and a foam core board, the paintings done on Yasutomo multimedia mineral paper can be framed without a problem. I still prefer a thicker paper like the TerraSkin sold in blocks of sheets or even better, the thickest TerraSkin paper sold in large sheets.

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