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The simplicity, it’s not simple

Last May I did several experimental paintings with alcohol ink on Yupo paper to inspire me a new creative direction. Of these, two paintings particularly caught my attention and could give birth to a new series. One of these is “Petits mots doux” (Sweet Nothing), a painting with large surfaces lightly stained with inks…

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Video: Alcohol Ink on Yupo

For those who would like to look over my shoulder when I paint, I’ve prepared a video. I have wanted to make one since a lot time, but I was waiting to have a better equipment to do it: a powerful camera, a sturdy tripod, an effective lighting settings, etc. The perfectionist within me in all its strength!

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6 weeks to explore your creativity with watercolor

Would you like to explore your creativity daily with watercolor? If yes, take a look to the following book published by Quarry Books: “One Watercolor a Day – A 6 Week Course Exploring Creativity Using Watercolor Pattern and Design” by Veronica Lawlor, Quarry Books, USA, 2013. 128 pages.

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I should not tell this to you, but …

I know that I should keep it secret, but I tell it to you with sincerity: “I have favorites!” Even if I feel like an unworthy mother by admitting it, there are paintings I prefer to others. Most of the time, with a few exceptions, these are recent artworks. Even if it is not always visible from an outside point of view, all these paintings are stepping …

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Because the Eyes are so Precious for Visual Artists

Today’s post will not be about painting or creativity, but about the eyes, these organs, so precious for visual artists. They are too often overused until they show signs of fatigue, by me the first… You will find in this short article, suggestions of exercises to improve or to maintain the health of your eyes.

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Contrasting colors and textures

Slowly, I’m adding new paintings to my series of hybrid by exploring the many possibilities that offer me the digital fusion of my original acrylic and ink paintings. This time, I’m showing you two completely different artworks in term of colors, texture and global feel.

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Next Group Exhibition: L’Art de Mai 2015

I will participate to the next group exhibition of the members of the Association Lavalloise Pour les Arts Plastiques (ALPAP) which will take place this month. Exhibitions featuring artworks created by ALPAP’s members are always the opportunities to see a wide variety of artworks using different kind of mediums. Although there is especially…

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New tests with alcohol ink on transparent plastic

I proceeded to new tests with ink alcohol on some transparent plastic. I was so intrigued by the results of previous experiences I wanted to see if it was just a coincidence, or if I could find enough creative interest to incite me to explore deeper this technique. Here is the result…

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Alcohol Ink on Transparent Plastic Sheet

One of the strengths of the alcohol-based ink is transparency. So I wanted to test the effet of Adirondack alcohol ink from Ranger on a transparent plastic sheet, instead of the usual Yupo paper. I took what I had on hand to do the test, that is to say a plastic pouch that I simply cut into a sheet. The texture of this plastic is similar to that used to cover…

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