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Perfectly Imperfect: Digital Hybrid Painting

Something imperfect is often evocative, touching and beautiful when we take the time to open ourselves to it. For example, think of a china plate inherited from your grandmother that you keep even if it has a breach; this tree growing in hostile conditions, bent by the wind and bad weather; this flower losing its last petals or this very old wall bearing the mark of past centuries…

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New: Limited Edition Prints Available Online

So far, people who wished to buy one of my digital paintings in limited edition had to either meet me at an art exhibition, or make a request by email. It is much simpler now.
I am pleased to announce you that a selection of my digital paintings is now available as limited edition prints in the online shop! These prints are found on https://en.louiselamirande.com under the following tab: Shop>> Limited Edition Prints

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Twitter Art Exhibit: NYC (2016) – I participate and you?

Twitter Art Exhibit is an international art exhibition with charitable purpose of works the size of a postcard. It is open to everyone, amateurs and professionals having a Twitter account. The artworks are graciously offered by the artists and sale $35 US by the organizers of the exhibition. All of the money raised goes to charity. This year it goes to the “Pride Foster’s Handmade Program”. The exhibition will take place in New York at the Tryge Lie Gallery, from March 31 to April 31, 2016…

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Ideas of minimalist hanging systems for drawings and paintings on paper

Since a few weeks, I have spent a lot of time looking for the best way to present my digital paintings printed on paper. I have come to the conclusion that there is none. Each has its good and less good sides. Sometimes the method offers a good protection to the artwork, but creates a distance with the viewer, or it eliminates the distance but leaves the artworks prone to scratches or breakage…

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For the Fun of It

Here is a digital hybrid painting whose title expresses the main motivation why I do paintings: fun and pleasure. I constantly use these two words when I describe my work as an artist.These words mean for me joy, happiness, satisfaction and well-being. They are motivators, generators and results…

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Without Frills

I would like to write as fluently in English as I do in French but honestly, it is not the case. I find it difficult to translate accurately my thoughts in English and it is often frustrating. That’s the reason why I decided today to show you one of my recent digital hybrid paintings without frills.

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Art-A-Porter, or the Fusion of Art and Ready-to-Wear

Today I am going to speak about a clothing company. My goal is not to advertise, but to let you know about a company whose concept is innovative and could present some of my artworks in an original way with a little help from you. You will understand by reading what follows.

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Look on the Progress of the Digital Hybrid Painting Series

In early 2015, I began a series of digital paintings combining both my interest in mixed media and digital. Here we are in October and it is more than time for me to collect all the hybrids, to take a look on the progress of this experiment and decide which direction to take with this project for the future. The hybrid series was born from my desire to add textures with a more realistic look to my digital paintings. I wondered what would happen if I scan my paintings created with ink and acrylic and that I then combine them with a software like Corel Painter, adding, if necessary, pure digital effects…

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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Inks: New Observations

Do you remember the first tests I did with Spectrum Noir alcohol inks on Yupo? (I shared the results with you in that blog post if you missed it.) It’s been a long time. Well, I’m back with two paintings created to have a better understanding of the inks behave on Yupo as comparison with Adirondack inks with which I am used to work.

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