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Video: Alcohol Ink Painting on Dura-Lar

A few weeks ago, I presented you a video showing how I paint with alcohol ink on Yupo paper (click here if you missed it). You were many to show your appreciation and I thank you warmly. Thanks to your words of encouragement, I decided to prepare you another video.

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Learn How to Add Texture to Watercolors with Ann Blockley

For all the watercolor fans among you, today I present a beautifully illustrated book about various techniques to add texture to paintings created with this medium. This is “Watercolour Textures” by Ann Blockley. HarperCollins Publishers, Artist’s Studio Collection, London, 2007, 128 pages.

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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Inks: First Impression & Observations

As you already know, I love the color intensity and the fast drying of the alcohol for my paintings on Yupo. So far I have only used the Adirondack brand, but I wanted to compare with another one. It is now done and I share with you my first impression and observations on The Spectrum Noir inks in what follows.

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A second diptych on Yupo paper

Here are two new paintings created in May, presented as a diptych. I am late in the presentation of my paintings as you can see, but I find comfort by telling me that if I painted with oil, that would take months before a painting is dry and ready to be shown!

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Duo: a Diptych on Yupo Paper

In a similar style to the painting I presented you last week (see here) and by which I was inspired, here is a diptych with soft tints of pink and orange. I created these two paintings titled “Duo no.1” (Duet no.1) and “Duo no.2” (Duet no.2) simultaneously in the same spirit of search of simplicity as for “Petits mots doux” (Sweet Nothing)…

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The simplicity, it’s not simple

Last May I did several experimental paintings with alcohol ink on Yupo paper to inspire me a new creative direction. Of these, two paintings particularly caught my attention and could give birth to a new series. One of these is “Petits mots doux” (Sweet Nothing), a painting with large surfaces lightly stained with inks…

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Video: Alcohol Ink on Yupo

For those who would like to look over my shoulder when I paint, I’ve prepared a video. I have wanted to make one since a lot time, but I was waiting to have a better equipment to do it: a powerful camera, a sturdy tripod, an effective lighting settings, etc. The perfectionist within me in all its strength!

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6 weeks to explore your creativity with watercolor

Would you like to explore your creativity daily with watercolor? If yes, take a look to the following book published by Quarry Books: “One Watercolor a Day – A 6 Week Course Exploring Creativity Using Watercolor Pattern and Design” by Veronica Lawlor, Quarry Books, USA, 2013. 128 pages.

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I should not tell this to you, but …

I know that I should keep it secret, but I tell it to you with sincerity: “I have favorites!” Even if I feel like an unworthy mother by admitting it, there are paintings I prefer to others. Most of the time, with a few exceptions, these are recent artworks. Even if it is not always visible from an outside point of view, all these paintings are stepping …

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