“Consciousness, Exploration, Pleasure and Evolution. Welcome to my creative world!”

Louise Lamirande, visual artist

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Raphaël Kaerell Spalter Brushes, series 281

When I go to the art supplies store, I always hesitate in front of the display reserved to paint brushes. It’s like being in a chocolate shop and having to choose … How to make a satisfactory choice if I did not taste beforehand? How to choose the brush that will best fit my needs without being able to try it? I can only touch the bristles, test their …

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Blogs and Websites About Art that I Like

I have a lot of fun to visit new websites, reading blogs of artists and to let myself be inspired by their works. One of the things I constantly do is to look for a blogroll. Then I find more blogs and interesting resources to follow on. I do not have a blogroll list on my website, but I offer you today links to blogs and websites that I like and visit regularly…

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Original Paintings Now Available Online

I thought about this project for a while, but I did not know how to accomplish it. The task seemed daunting at this point and the number of unanswered questions so high that I delayed its completion until recently.
Well, it is done. Mission accomplished!

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Opening Soon: Online Shop for Original Artworks

Good news. I am currently working on the establishment of an on-line shop for my originals. Soon, you will be able to buy my mixed media paintings and limited edition prints of my digital paintings, directly from this website.
Here are some of the original paintings available soon…

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Two New Hybrid Paintings: The Journey Continues

Although I am very busy right now preparing an on-line store for my original paintings, I continue my exploration of the fusion of digital & mixed media and today, I’m presenting you two new hybrid paintings.

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A Practical Handbook for Painters

Have you ever wondered how to make your own watercolor paint, apply a varnish on a painting or how to store your paintings properly to protect them? Would you like to know all about pigments, the secrets of making a frame, how to prepare your painting surface, or to cut a mat? These are some of the questions you will find answers for in the book…

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Hybrid Painting, Between Mixed Media and Digital

Since a few years, I dedicate my artistic practice to both digital media and mixed media. When I feel less inspired by a medium, cross any creative block or simply need for a change, I offer myself a period during which I explore another medium. The discoveries and acquired experience allow me then to come back with new ideas and a renewed …

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Tests with Sennelier’s Ink on Yupo Paper

Looking for an odorless, fast drying, fade resistant ink to work on Yupo paper, and one with which I can get beautiful texture effects, I proceeded to tests with Sennelier’s ink this week. The result is recorded in my art journal and I share it with you today…

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What’s New on the Website

This winter, with its very cold weather, is a good period for studio time, experiment new ways of expression in painting and update the website. Those days, I do experiments with different kind of ink and fluid paint. I’m also working on a new series of hybrid digital/mixed-media paintings: digital combo of scanned mixed media paintings to be printed…

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