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The End of the Digital Painting Series

This series allowed me to let emerge pleasant memories of my past. I realized to what extent the memory is selective, modifies the reality with years and even reinvents the history while adding to it new color. The memory is not only a faculty which forgets, but also imagines a past that has never really exists ….

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Test of the Iridescent Liquitex Inks!

Recently, I bought a box of three bottles of iridescent acrylic inks by Liquitex. The colors are: Iridescent Bright Gold #234, Iridescent Bright Silver #236 and Iridescent Rich Copper #236. I proceeded to some preliminary tests with these inks and I speak to you about it in what follows…

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New Paintings in the Gallery and Others to Come Soon

I hope that the temperature is nice where you live. Here, it is a beautiful sunny and not too cold, winter day (-8C /17.6F). With shorter days and the snow outside, I like to be in my basement studio surround by plenty of colors. However, it is a pity that I cannot open windows because of the cold weather to protect me and my family against…

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My Participation in the Twitter Art Exhibit 2015

I am going to take part to the Twitter Art Exhibit. What is it? It is an annual international exhibition of original artworks the size of a postcard. All the funds raised will be given to a non-profit organization. For its 5th edition, the Twitter Art Exhibit will take place to Moss, in Norway from March 20th till April 11th, 2015. All the profits will benefit…

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The Google Art Project

Would you like to discover and view high resolution images of over 45,000 artworks online? Thanks to Google Art Project and its partnership with more than 250 cultural institutions all over the world, it is possible and free!
With this project, you have access to high resolution images of paintings, sculptures, decorative art objects (old …

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An Exclusive Interview for Elusive Muse

If you have never visited this website, I invite you to do so. Every day, you will see the work of a new artist (mixed media, collage, digital art, and more) accompanied by a few lines about the artist and its art. Sometimes, as it is the case for me, an interview enabling you the know even more about the artist…

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10 Reasons to Rejoice Myself

The end of a year is the ideal period, for many of us, to pause and makes an assessment. I do not escape it myself, but this time, I decided to list all the good things that I’m happy and proud of instead of thinking about those things that I did not manage to do in the year. It is less depressing, don’t you think?..

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Dream of a Late Summer: Another intuitive Digital Painting

Have you already observed this phenomenon … the sun goes down and then, just for a few minutes, all the landscape is tinged with a yellow light, as if you are wearing sunglasses or as if a photographer would have put a color filter on the objective of his camera? The sky, the houses, the trees, the lawn and even the cat are yellow. It creates a strange …

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