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See These Mixed Media Paintings on Yupo for Real!

For the very first time I will have three of my experimental mixed media paintings showed in an art gallery. I already participated to collective art exhibitions with my intuitive digital abstract paintings, but this will be the first time with mixed media paintings beside the small postcard size painting I send to Florida for the Twitter Art Exhibit…

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Free streaming of art documentaries and animated films

Did you know that the National Film Board (NFB) allows the free viewing of a selection of documentaries and animated films online? You can find biographies of artists, documentaries on art, animated movies, and more!
Visit the website of the National Film Board at this address …..

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New Experiment: Cold Wax, Gold Powdered Pigment and Alcohol Ink

Recently, I tested the use of cold wax on watercolor paper. For those who do not know what is cold wax, it is a medium used in oil painting to modify the consistency of the paint and makes it matte. It looks like a white and waxy paste which is colorless once dry….

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In the Heart of Things – More About the Digital Painting Series

For several weeks, I work on a series of intuitive digital paintings which is entitled ” Au Coeur des choses” (In the Heart of Things). To paint a series is a real challenge for me because I am used to paint according to the desire of the moment and because my taste for the exploration and the new does not usually push me in a constant direction.

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New Corel Painter 2015 is Now Available

Corel Painter 2015, the newest version of the software I use all the time to create my digital paintings, has been launched this week. It is faster, more stable and had new features that you will love.

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