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What I Learned From Painting With a Limited Color Palette

Until recently, I had almost never painted with black and rarely with a restricted color range. I was a color junky like many of you, I guess. However, in order to learn more about values (shade and light), I decided to paint, for over a month, with a color palette limited to black, ocher and brown. Along the way, I learned a couple of things that I want to share with you today…

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How to Get the Most From a Failed Painting

You’ve certainly already failed a painting. It happens to every artist, regardless of their level of experience and skill. However, the difference between the beginner and the experienced artist is that the latter learnt to use “failed” paintings as an opportunity to progress. In this article, I explain how to get there.
In front of you, there is a painting that you do not like at all. It’s a total fiasco and all you want is to throw it through the window or to destroy…

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Next Art Exihibition: L’Art de Mai (2017)

I am pleased to announce that once more, I participate in the spring art exhibition “L’Art de Mai” showing artworks created by the artists members of the Association Lavalloise Pour les Arts Plastiques (ALPAP). All the details in what follows. Exhibition title: L’Art de Mai, Theme: Renaissance, Artists: members of the ALPAP grouping artists from Laval (Quebec) or the surrounding area…

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Sharing is Not Always Free

Since 2011, I share, on my blog in French, my discoveries, book reviews, tutorials, as well as my artistic journey. I also translate some of my articles in English for the present blog since 2014. You are now hundreds to visit the website each day and I thank you for that. To continue on this path is my most cherished wish, but managing a popular website has a drawback, its cost.

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My Journey Toward Painting

I hesitated for a long time before writing what follows. I did not want to look self-centred, and then all this, it is very intimate. However, I noticed how much I like to hear about other artists’ journey art and painting in particular. I find these stories not only inspiring, but they also illustrate to what extent the human experience, with its ups and downs, influences the creative life. These stories also give me a better understanding of what is meaningful for the artists and their artworks. If it’s the same for you, I invite you to read my story…

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Next Art Exhibition: Le Sélection Laval

I have the pleasure to invite you to the next group exhibition of art created by the artists members of the Association Lavalloise Pour les Arts Plastiques (ALPAP), which will take place from March 10 th to April 9 , 2017, at Le Sélection de Laval. Read further for all the information.

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A Little Tip to Sign Your Artwork With More Assertiveness

Your painting is done and you are fully satisfied with it. Now, it’s time to sign it and suddenly, you feel anxious. Where am I going to sign? What size should I do it? Which color to use? What if it ruins everything? If you decided to sign your paint in front of your artwork and that it puts you under stress, I offer you today a little tip that will help you visualize the final result without having to take the risk of damaging your painting. The key elements are: a piece of transparent plastic and samples of your signature.

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In a Few Days, It Will Be Too Late

As I said to you in the previous blog post, one of my main goals for 2017 is to find more exposure for my paintings. This also includes re-evaluate all the means already in place.
So, I decided to close my account with the print-on-demand service, ArtFlakes. The closing will take place on February 11, 2017. As for the reproductions that I offer through Fine Art America, I will drastically reduce the quantity available on that same date. If you wish to buy reproductions of my paintings at one of these printers…

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