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First Experiments With Cold Wax and Oil Painting

Charmed by the work of artists such as Rebecca Crowell, Janice Mason and Serena Barton, in 2014 I did some basic experiments with the cold wax medium made by Gamblin mixed with gold pigment, charcoal and alcohol ink. However, it is only recently that I took time to explore further the possibilities of painting with cold wax. Cold wax is a tradition medium used in oil painting. It is a waxy paste made from beeswax, solvent and, according to the manufacturer or the artist’s preferences, oil, Damar resin and even microcrystalline wax…

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Photos of my News on Instagram

After Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube, I am now also on Instagram at the following address https://www.instagram.com/lamirandeart/ .
I hesitated for a long time before opening an account on Instagram. I figured that I had nothing to show. Who will be interested in my little home-based art studio? It is far from the glamorous, all white painted and perfectly decorated studios of huge size seen on Pinterest. And when I do digital painting, I will not take pictures of my computer right? Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

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Encaustic Effects With Acrylic Paint and Translucent Dura-Lar

Following are new experimental paintings inspired by the book “Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects” written by Sandra Duran Wilson. This time, I tried a technique using a translucent matte polyester film from Dura-Lar and faux encaustic acrylic medium on a painted background. This paper is actually an acid-free polyester translucent film with a matte finish (Dura-Lar company also makes a transparent polyester film, but it is not one that is used for this technique). The translucent Dura-Lar can be painted (or not) on one surface or both…

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Encaustic Effect With Acrylic: Thickness Test

One of the difficulties in creating a credible simulation of encaustic with acrylic is the lack of thickness. Acrylic medium shrinks a lot upon drying so that even if a thick layer, or even multiple layers of faux encaustic medium is applied, it is difficult to obtain a substantial thickness close to the one of a single layer of encaustic. To accurately determine the number of layers of faux encaustic medium needed to create an effect of thickness having the appearance of wax, I did a test.

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My Digital Paintings on High-End Clothing

Those who follow me on social networks already know it: three of my digital paintings were chosen by the company of high-end clothing Art-A-Porter located in Montreal for their “Tech Lo” collection. As I already mentioned it on a previous blog post published last October, Art-A-Porter is company creating clothing and fashion accessories on which are printed artworks of artists from all around the world.
Below is an overview of the wearable art pieces designed from my digital hybrid paintings…

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Faux Encaustic Effects With Acrylic: Trials Are Continuing

Last week, I show you my first experiments using acrylic paint and medium to mimic (or at least try) the effects of translucency of encaustic. Click here to read the blog post and take note of the faux encaustic medium recipe I used for the following experiments.This time, I tried another technique suggested in the book “Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects” by Sandra Duran Wilson. It consists of painting with transparent colors on a translucent deli paper and then glue this paper on the substrate…

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Tests: Encaustic Effects With Acrylic

Have you ever tried to mimic the translucency, and the textures characteristic of encaustic with acrylic paint and medium? Inspired by Sandra Duran Wilson’s book “Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects”, I ran some tests. Here is an overview of the first experiments.
In her book, Sandra Duran Wilson gives two recipes of faux encaustic. The first is a ticker spreadable version, and the second is pourable. In order not to infringe the…

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Asymmetric Symmetry 2: Alcohol Ink and Acrylic on Dura-Lar

Last week, I presented you two paintings made with alcohol ink and acrylic on transparent Dura-Lar. Here are two other paintings exploring the same concept of asymmetrical symmetry. This time, the color palette is even more reduced and the texture effects are so subtle that all the attention is focused on the composition and interaction between both paintings. Notice how the eyes travel from one to the other…

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Asymmetric Symmetry: Alcohol Ink and Acrylic on Dura-Lar

I am always amazed to see how a catastrophic painting session can turn into a golden opportunity to explore a new creative path. The painting session was disappointing: color overload, uninteresting composition, nonexistent contrast… In brief, a disaster. It is only when I had the impulse to create symmetric images that I started again to have fun.

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