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Art-A-Porter, or the Fusion of Art and Ready-to-Wear

Today I am going to speak about a clothing company. My goal is not to advertise, but to let you know about a company whose concept is innovative and could present some of my artworks in an original way with a little help from you. You will understand by reading what follows.

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Look on the Progress of the Digital Hybrid Painting Series

In early 2015, I began a series of digital paintings combining both my interest in mixed media and digital. Here we are in October and it is more than time for me to collect all the hybrids, to take a look on the progress of this experiment and decide which direction to take with this project for the future. The hybrid series was born from my desire to add textures with a more realistic look to my digital paintings. I wondered what would happen if I scan my paintings created with ink and acrylic and that I then combine them with a software like Corel Painter, adding, if necessary, pure digital effects…

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Spectrum Noir Alcohol Inks: New Observations

Do you remember the first tests I did with Spectrum Noir alcohol inks on Yupo? (I shared the results with you in that blog post if you missed it.) It’s been a long time. Well, I’m back with two paintings created to have a better understanding of the inks behave on Yupo as comparison with Adirondack inks with which I am used to work.

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Indelible Marks, Fun and Play

Today, I present two digital hybrid paintings in a range of similar colors. Cool colors slightly warmed here and there by touches of red and yellow to with was added texture effects.
As time goes by, I enjoy having more white space in my paintings. It is still unnatural to me and I must act consciously to leave more space for it, but I enjoy the way it challenges me to explore different ways to play with colors… and white.

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Displaying Digital Paintings and Imagining the Overall Impact

One of the problems I am confronted with when I do digital paintings is to be able to see them all at once. Because I do not print all of my paintings, I can’t spread them in front of me or put them on walls to seize the overall impact of my work as it is possible to do with paintings on canvas for example.

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No Art Exhibition This Fall

I have no art exhibition planned this fall. In fact, I wanted to submit some of my digital paintings to international juried exhibitions, unfortunately, those who accept digital art, favor an aesthetic common to photography using mostly gray, black, white and representative subject, while I’m rather in the abstract and very colorful painting like style…

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Scan your Paintings to Discover New Creative Paths

Have you ever scanned your drawings and paintings and then look at all the details on your computer screen? Did you try it to modify the digital file? This is something that I constantly do. Initially, it was to constitute the history of my artistic production and also to share my work on the blog. Now I do it also because the process is rich in discoveries…

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Next Art Exhibition: L’annuelle des Arts 2015

I am pleased to announce that I will part of the next edition of the art exhibition “L’Annuelle des Arts 2015” which will take place this year at the Centre des Arts de Ste-Rose at Laval, in Quebec, Canada very soon. L’Annuelle des Arts is an annual art exhibition and competition opened to the members of the ALPAP, a regional group of artists here in Laval…

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Alcohol Ink Paintings on Transparent Dura-Lar: Close-Ups

Last week, I shared with you a video shot during the creation of two paintings done with alcohol ink on transparent sheets of Dura-Lar (see here) but you did not see the paintings in detail. Now is the time to remedy the situation and to show you close-ups…

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