After Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube, I am now also on Instagram at the following address .

I hesitated for a long time before opening an account on Instagram. I figured that I had nothing to show. Who will be interested in my little home-based art studio? It is far from the glamorous, all white painted and perfectly decorated studios of huge size seen on Pinterest. And when I do digital painting, I will not take pictures of my computer right? Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

Screenshot of my profil on Instagram.

Screenshot of my profil on Instagram.


Several things made me change my mind:

  • The migration of the artists. First of all, I realized that several painters and bloggers I follow leave their blog for Instagram. This social media network being centred on photos, it is not surprising it appeals to artists and art lovers.
  • The creative process in photos. Another point is that Instagram has become a great place to follow the daily creative process of other artists. Most show photos of what inspire them, their art studio, their current work and exhibitions.
  • The speed of sharing. Finally, one of the points that I find the most interesting with Instagram is that sharing news is fast. It takes only a few minutes to take a photo, crop it, edit it if necessary, and send it on Instagram along with a sentence or two, and a series of #hashtags allowing users to find your content. It is far from the hours writing a blog post and the lag time for several weeks before the blog post is published.
  • A high rate of commitment. The user engagement rates on Instagram is known as one of the highest on social networks. I have just started on Instagram that I already have subscribers and reactions for each of the published images. It is much faster than Facebook or Twitter.

My goal with Instagram is to publish several times a week pictures of artwork in progress, recent paintings, my little studio and different aspects of my everyday life as an artist. It will be the place to discover what I’m working on at the moment.

On Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I will continue to send links to new blog posts, and publications that may interest you. I do not know yet if I will post every photo shared on Instagram on my Facebook fan page, Twitter and Google+. It depends on the reaction of my subscribers on these networks I suppose.

So, I invite you to follow me on Instagram

Looking forward to seeing you there,

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