Mixed Media Abstract Landscape on Yupo Paper

From The Mixed Media Art Gallery
The original mixed media abstract landscape on Yupo.
The same painting cropped in a landscape format.
In a narrow portrait format.
This time in a panoramic format.

This is

A mixed media painting on Yupo.


  • Watercolor paint (homemade & Holbein)
  • Alcohol Ink (Adirondack)
  • Inktense Sticks (Derwent)
  • India Ink (Pelikan)
  • Acrylic poring medium (De Serres)
  • Archival Spray Varnish (Golden)
  • Yupo synthetic paper




August 2014.


This abstract painting was created intuitively with my preferred mediums of the moment.

After scanning the finished painting, I experimented with different ways to crop it but was unable to choose the one I prefer! Maybe the last one… What do you think?

(Scroll down to see them all.)

© 2014, Louise Lamirande.



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