Songe d'une fin d'été - Dream of a Late Summer

From the Intuitive Digital Paintings 2014-2013 Gallery
Songe d'une fin d'été - Dream of a Late Summer


Songe d’une fin d’été  (Dream of a Late Summer)


Digital. Created with Corel Painter.


October 2014.


This intuitive digital painting is part of my series of abstract and semi-abstract landscapes inspired by memories and symbolic images coming from my childhood.

“Songe d’une fin d’été” ( Dream of a Late Summer) reminds me of the unreal atmosphere created when the sun goes down and for a few minutes, all the landscape is tinged with a yellow light. This painting evokes also the fields ready for the harvests.

Its title is a reference to  Shakespeare’s play (Dream of a Midsummer Night), a play on which I worked as a student in scenography long time ago. In another lifetime, it seems to me …

The Images

First is the complete digital painting.

Second and third are closeups.

© 2014, Louise Lamirande.




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