This summer, I review my artworks from the past three years and made a series of short videos showing a selection of them. Below, you will find all the videos, including those already presented to you on the last blog post and another one published last year.

Behind the scene shot. The videos are below. © 2017, Louise Lamirande.

Behind the scene shot.
The videos are below.
© 2017, Louise Lamirande.

At any time, you may watch these videos or discover older videos under the “Videos” tab of the website at or on my YouTube channel LouiseLamirandeArt  where you will also find a selection of videos made by other people that might be of interest to you.








A retrospective allows an overview of the artistic path taken during a given period. With artworks stored in boxes, portfolios, on shelves, framed and hung on several walls or saved on the computer’s hard drive, it is difficult to get that overview of the artworks created. The videos help by grouping the works at the same place.

I would like to share with you what I learned by doing this retrospective, but for now I cannot express in words what I feel. It seems that the result has not yet emerged towards the rational mind. All I can say is that by looking at my paintings done in 2014 and 2015, it feels that I made them ages ago. Not because of the way they have been done, or because of some weakness in these artworks, but rather because each is a witness of a moment from my past. Since I’m not the kind of person to linger forever over the past, all this seems very far behind me from my current point of view…

Have you ever done a retrospective of your work? What did you get from it? Leave me your comment below.

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