If you’re like me and you enjoy painting on paper, maybe you are looking where to buy mats. In this blog post, I talk about my online shopping experience at MatShop. Please note that this article is not sponsored by MatShop. My intend is only to share a good shopping address.

Recently, I made several acrylic paintings on paper and wanted to offer them for purchase well protected with high quality mats. First, I thought to buy a good mat cuter system to make them myself, but I finally decided not to get into this for now, and to buy them already cut.

Some of my acrylic ink paintings protected with conservation double mats from MatShop.ca © 2016, Louise Lamirande.

Some of my acrylic ink paintings on TerraSkin paper protected with conservation double mats from MatShop.ca
© 2016, Louise Lamirande.


After much research and comparison of features and prices, I came to buy online at MatShop. This company is located in British Columbia (Canada) and have an online store. You can buy simple or double acid-free mats, wooden or metal, glass, Plexiglas and other supplies for framing. MatShop also offers custom-made mats, but most advantageous regarding prices are the North American standard sizes from 5 × 7 to 20 × 24 inches. The more you buy of one item, the better the price.

The Conservation Mat Pack

Since I had several paintings of the same size, I chose the conservation mat pack with double white mats including:

  • 25 double mats, acid-free conservation grade (white)
  • 25 acid-free foam core backing
  • acid-free tape (permanent)
  • 25 clear polybags

I placed my order online and received it eight days later, here in the suburb of Montreal. A reasonable delay assuming that the parcel has to travel from BC to PQ. Products were very well packed, so everything was perfect on arrival. No crushed corners and no finger prints.

45 degrees cuts on the mats are impeccable (take a look at the photo below), and I have nothing specific to say on the foam core or the transparent envelopes.

Close-up of the mats. The cut is perfect. © 2016, Louise Lamirande.

Close-up of the mats. The cut is perfect.
© 2016, Louise Lamirande.

The only drawback

The only negative comment I have concern the adhesive tape provided with the pack. It is acid-free, but permanent. I expected a non-permanent product, because when we cares about buying conservation grade and acid-free products, we usually use a fully reversible mounting system and avoid anything with permanent adhesives. That’s why I decided to use an archival mounting tape which can be removed if necessary instead of the adhesive provided by MatShop.

Except for the permanent adhesive tape, I am very satisfied with my purchase at MatShop.ca and I would buy other conservation mat packs from this company without any hesitation.

Nevertheless, I always prefer to buy locally when possible. If you know of a good shopping address around Montreal for high quality mats at good price, please let me know!

Thanks for you visit and see you soon,

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