At the end of December, do you step back and look at the highlights of the year? I do not know about you, but I do it and it helps me to get an overview of what I have accomplished and to set my main goals for the year to come.


Here is my year 2016 in numbers:

  • 99 blog posts published in French
  • 44 blog posts in English
  • 1 online video course
  • About 65 paintings, mostly on paper (acrylic, oil and cold wax)
  • 8 digital artworks
  • 5 group art exhibitions
  • And beta testing for Corel Painter 2017

Priorities to Traditional Painting Media

For me, year 2016 was really the return to paintings done with traditional painting media instead of digital tools. There are several reasons for this.

  • A strong need to get away from the computer and have a more physical relationship with the texture, the paint and painter’s gestures.
  • A desire to explore new painting media in order to integrate them into digital artworks. I have a project in mind for 2017 mixing digital prints with oil paint. I’ll see if it’s going to happen.
  • The difficulty finding locations to show my digital artworks which is neither fully traditional, nor typical digital artworks made from photos, but somewhere in between.
  • The cost to prepare a solo exhibition of large-sized framed art prints far too high to consider it in the short term.

Oil Paint and Cold Wax

2016 was also the beginning of my love story with oil paint mixed with cold wax medium. I tested several techniques to finally find the one that I like most and with which I work since last summer. This new medium also allowed me, for the first time since my return to painting, to make the idea of a solo exhibition possible.

The Inner Critic

The inner critic voice expressing fears, doubts and negative thoughts in every possible way became more silent in 2016. I learned to accept its presence and not to make decisions according to it.

In fact, this year, I often acted by doing exactly what it told me to avoid. For example, if the voice told me it was too risky to go further with a painting and that I risked wasting it, I had a nasty pleasure to contradict the inner critic by doing exactly the opposite. Of course I happened to regret it sometimes, but it was worth the cost since with time, the inner critic has less control over me and I feel freer.

An Online Course

In 2016, I created a first online painting course in video format (in French only). It was an enriching experience and I received several nice comments from the registrants. I was thinking about offering another one by the end of 2016, but time goes by so fast that I was not able to make it.

Well, this is the main outline of my year 2016 !

A Break

I need time to update the website, fix some technical bugs, plan my 2017 goals and…. paint. So, I’m taking a short break away from the blog. I will be back in early January.

In the meantime, I wish you happy holiday (if you have some). Be kind with yourself and find time to be creative between family reunions and parties with friends. I wish you a colorful and joyful end of the year!

Thanks for your visit and see you soon,

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