Since 2011, I share, on my blog in French, my discoveries, book reviews, tutorials, as well as my artistic journey. I also translate some of my articles in English for the present blog since 2014.

You are now hundreds to visit the website each day and I thank you for that. To continue on this path is my most cherished wish, but managing a popular website has a drawback, its cost.

©2017, Louise Lamirande.

©2017, Louise Lamirande.

Given the popularity of the website, I will soon have to upgrade my web hosting account to a professional plan with dedicated space memory on the server. This is very expensive.

Sharing is not always free and that is why I am now asking for your support.

How Much It Costs

Photo: edar /

Photo: edar /

Here’s an overview of what it costs me to share things with you.

  • Website and blog hosting: 500 $ CAD / year (before: 125 $)
  • Automated e-mail and newsletter services: 300 $ CAD / year
  • 39 $ / year for the website theme
  • High-speed internet connection with wide bandwidth
  • + Computer hardware: the computer, the scanner, the camera, softwares, etc.
  • +Time for reading and documenting, taking and editing photos, writing blog posts, creating computer graphics, and more.

Fortunately I do not have to pay fees for a webmaster. I do everything myself and save hundreds and hundreds of dollars that way.

Lastly, like all artists, I also have to pay for art supplies, tools, space, heating, lighting, framing, submissions to exhibitions …

Options and the Solution

Photo: ulleo /

Photo: ulleo /

Of course, I could decide to close the blog or to suppress the majority of the blog posts, but I know that this is what interests you the most on the website. It would be a shame to get there.

I could also opt for the monetization of the blog’s content, but I would also like to avoid that option.

So I find myself soliciting your help and this is not an easy thing to do, I admit it.

If you’ve learned useful things on the blog, you’re feeling inspired by what you’ve seen or if you simply like the content of the blog and the website, your help would be welcome. It will allow me to continue to inform you and inspire you.

How to Contribute

Photo: PublicDomainPictures /

Photo: PublicDomainPictures /

Share. Let your friends, colleagues and friends talk about your favorite articles seen on this blog on social networks.

Buy one or more of my paintings to relieve me of some of the financial burden in which I find myself. At the same time, you will have something to decorate your walls or unique gifts to offer to the people you love. Visit the online store and let yourself be tempted!

Donate. The money raised will go directly to the payment of the website web hosting service. If the amount received exceeds the cost of the web hosting, I will use it to cover the other costs mentioned above, prioritizing those directly affecting the website and the blog.

To facilitate the donation process, I have created special page for that purpose…


I accept donations through PayPal which takes credit card payments and, of course, payments made with a PayPal account. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this service.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, whatever it may be. The slightest gesture matters.

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