Like many of you, I imagine, the end of the year is an opportunity for me to look back at what I have accomplished and make plans for the coming year.

I used to write a list of the numbers: blog posts, visitors on my blogs (I also have a blog in French), paintings created, and more. This year, however, these numbers do not interest me at all.

The most important thing to remember for me from 2017 is how much it takes courage, perseverance and passion to be a professional artist and succeed in getting through a year of full of ups and downs like 2017 has been for me. With its wonderful surprises and deep disappointments, its great discoveries and its challenges, 2017 has not always been sweet to me.

Thank you!

Luckily, I have a small group of loving people I can count on in any circumstances. They deserve my gratitude for their presence in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to thank you, readers of this blog. Your presence encourages me to move forward despite the pitfalls I find on my way. You are the reason why I spend hours each week to share and exchange with you on the blog, social media and emails.

A big thank you to the 3 persons who have shown their support and made a donation for the survival of the blog and the website. I’m grateful for your gesture, but unfortunately it’s not enough to pay for the blog hosting and managing. However, I am going to do my best to keep the blog access free and, as far as possible, advertisements’ free.

2017 Year in Paintings

Below is an image gallery showing the artworks I created in 2017. They are almost all there, only the most recent paintings are missing. The images are in chronological order, from the beginning to the end of 2017.

Click on any image to start the slideshow.
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Coming up in 2018

  • A first solo exhibition
  • A few group exhibitions
  • Painting experiments
  • And a plan for several online painting courses in French.

It is possible that these courses will be translated into English, but for now, it is much too early to be sure of that. I’ll let you know if that happens.

I’m taking a break from the blog until mid-January. I need time to further develop this online courses project and be with my family. However, I should be available to answer your comments and questions or to interact with you on social networks.

Happy and wonderful year 2018 to you all!
I wish you a creative year filled with beautiful discoveries, passion, support and a lot of love.
With gratitude,

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