For those who would like to look over my shoulder when I paint, I’ve prepared a video. I have wanted to make one since a lot time, but I was waiting to have a better equipment to do it: a powerful camera, a sturdy tripod, an effective lighting settings, etc. The perfectionist within me in all its strength!

Ease off the brake

I realize that this desire for everything to be perfect before making a step forward is a major obstacle in my professional life. In order to free myself, even just a little, I decided not to wait anymore for the perfect shooting conditions and proceed with the means at my disposal right now, that is to say: my old camera. I hope you enjoy, though.

Screenshot form the video. © 2015, Louise Lamirande.

Screenshot form the video.
© 2015, Louise Lamirande.

Alcohol Ink and isopropyl alcohol

In this video, I create two paintings with alcohol ink (Adirondack from Ranger) on Yupo paper. I also use extensively 99% isopropanol (very high concentration of isopropyl alcohol).

You will see that I do not use any paint brush. I prefer to work this way with the inks, but it is possible to use them if you are not afraid to damage the hair of your brush with the alcohol. You can also do lines or detail design with pens filled with alcohol ink or solvent.


No acrylic glaze this time

The main difference between the two paintings in this video, and most of the my alcohol ink / mixed media paintings created so far is that I do not use acrylic glazing medium this time. As I explained to one of the readers of the blog, I usually put glazing medium to isolate and protect an ink layer before applying another. It prevents the first to easily move as soon as I apply new inks over it. Adding glazing medium also adds texture to the painting.

Alcohol Inks and Your Health

I cannot say it too often, take care of your health and protect yourself when you paint. Before using alcohol-based inks, equip you with a mask against volatile compound or work in a well ventilated area, otherwise your lungs will become irritated very quickly. Believe me, I have experienced that at my own expense and I am not proud of it. Also remember to protect your eyes and your hands from chemical dyes.

I hope you enjoyed this video despite its imperfections. Leave me your comments and questions below.

Thanks for your visit and see you soon,

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