A few weeks ago, I presented you a video showing how I paint with alcohol ink on Yupo paper (click here if you missed it). You were many to show your appreciation and I thank you warmly. Thanks to your words of encouragement, I decided to prepare you another video.

Screen capture for the video (look below to watch it now). June 2015. © 2015, Louise Lamirande.

Screen capture for the video (look below to watch it now).
June 2015.
© 2015, Louise Lamirande.

In this one, you can see me experimenting with alcohol ink (Adirondack from Ranger) on transparent sheets. Maybe you remember tests I have done on a transparent support (see here and there), painting on both sides of that piece of recycled plastic. I liked those small paintings and was looking for an acid-free transparent support, resistant to yellowing, to continue my research.


After visiting my art supplies store, I came back with a few sheets of Dura-Lar. This product is available in several finishes:

  • Fully transparent,
  • Mat,
  • Specially treated for liquid mediums,
  • Metallic finish, and
  • Self-adhesive.

I chose large sheets of the totally transparent Dura-Lar. They are smooth to the touch and have a glossy finish. They are also acid-free, resistant to tear, mildew, non-yellowing and recommended for work done with permanent markers and inks. Perfect for my needs.

Link to the manufacturer: Grafix

The Video

And the fun begins…


Fun and Experimentation

In this video you can see how I dive into the experiment with the ink on Dura-Lar without any preparation, or sketching. It is both exciting and scary for me (especially since I chose to record the process), but I would not do that if simultaneously, it does not bring me as a high dose of fun and pleasure caused by the discovery, the creative process and colors sliding on the smooth surface.

A Different Point of View

And then, that will probably seem strange to you, but to watch myself painting on video, learn me a lot. That allows me to have a different point of view on my work, that of the observer instead of the creator. The return in the past also help me to have a better understanding of the evolution of my paintings, to draw lessons from it and to live again the creative impulse even if, that time, it is through a video and not for real.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog. 
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