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Make the blog known around you and follow me on social networks.

Buy paintings in the online shop.

Why & How

Why are you asking for donations?

Since 2011, I share, on my blog in French, my discoveries, book reviews, tutorials, as well as my artistic journey. I also translate some of my articles in English since 2014. Unfortunately, sharing is not free.

Given the popularity of the blog and website, I will soon have to upgrade my web hosting to a professional account with dedicated space memory on the server. This is far more expensive. Here’s an overview of what it costs me to share things with you.

  • Website and blog hosting: $ 500 CAD / year (before: $ 125)
  • Automated e-mail and newsletter service: $ 300 CAD / year
  • 39 $ / year for the website theme
  • High-speed internet connection with wide bandwidth
  • Computer hardware: the computer, the scanner, the camera, etc.
  • Time reading and documenting, taking and editing photos, writing blog posts, creating computer graphics, and more.

Fortunately I do not have to pay fees for a webmaster. I do everything myself and save hundreds and hundreds of dollars that way.

Lastly, like all artists, I also have to pay for art supplies, tools, space, heating, lighting, framing, submissions to exhibitions, and more

That is why I am asking for donations.

For what the money will be used for?

The money raised will go directly to the payment of the web hosting costs. If the amount received exceeds the cost of the web hosting, I will use it to cover the other costs mentioned above, prioritizing those directly affecting the website and the blog.

How can I make a donation?

Up on this page, you will find clickable buttons leading to PayPal. You may offer one of the suggested amounts (10, 25, 50 or 100 $ Canadian dollars) or to choose an amount of your choice by clicking on the button entitled “I give as much as I want”.

It is possible to give from a PayPal account or a credit card through the PayPal service. Please note that it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use the service.

Is there another way to contribute?
  • Make the blog known around you and follow me on social networks.

This may seem irrational, as an increased number of visitors on the site will also increase the cost of the web hosting, but I expect some of these visitors to buy my products and services and contribute to the increasing visibility of my art, which is a good thing.

  • Buy paintings in the online shop.

Here, the idea is simple. The more I sell of artworks, the more money I have to cover all the expenses incurred year after year.

Why not make a campaign with Patreon or the equivalent?

I chose not to go with Patreon, Indiegogo or the equivalent mainly for the following reason:

These platforms take a commission on donations of up to 5-10%. With PayPal, there is a processing fee, but it is lower. So, you are sure that by giving here, the majority will go directly to me.

Currency converter

If you need to know to what corresponds amounts in Canadian dollars mentioned on this page in the currency of your country, here is a link to an online converter:

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