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Painting in Silence to Listen Better

Some like to paint in the sound of lively music, while others prefer a soft music or a radio show. There are even some who paint when watching television. Each has his own way and that’s just fine. As for me, I prefer to paint in silence. Here I speak of silence as the absence of music, but according to my perception, silence is far from being silent. I hear the sounds around my studio, birds singing and the cars in the street. I also hear the dehumidifier and air purifier. There are also the sounds that I generate when I scrape paint from the wooden panel with a painting knife or by spraying water on my paper.

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Painting, It’s Life and It’s for Life

This year, spring is cold here in Quebec. At home, crocuses, daffodils, tulips just recently began to go out of earth. The surrounding landscape is lacking colors. Fortunately there is painting. It brings a touch of color around me, makes me vibrate with emotion, travels in imaginary worlds, think, discover, learn, grow, lives new experiences, feel and just be … For me, painting it’s life and it’s for life. What does painting means to you?

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Invocation: A Cold Wax and Oil Painting Created Over a Textured Background

Last week, I show you three cold wax and oil paintings created over textured backgrounds (the blog post is here ). Here is another one, painted over a background textured with crepe paper and a piece of a mesh bag, the kind used to pack onions. As for the other paintings, the texture elements have been glued with acrylic medium and sealed with two layers of acrylic paint before to be painted with many layers of cold wax medium and oil paint. This helps to give a rich texture to the painting as you can see for yourself…

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Cold Wax and Oil Paintings over Textured Backgrounds

One I like very much with cold wax and oil painting, it is the beauty and the variety of texture effects created by multiple layers of paint and the possibility of digging and scratching the surface to reveal the underneath layers and somehow, to also show the history...

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Cold Wax and Oil Painting, or Adjusting Myself to a Slower Creative Pace

It is with more and more fun that I paint with cold wax and oil even if I am still struggling to adapt myself to the slower creative pace imposed by painting in multiple layers with these mediums.
I usually paint with fast drying mediums and techniques. To create a painting from A to Z it takes a few hours to a few days at the most. I let myself to be carried away by the inspiration of the moment.

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Next Art Exhibition : L’Art de Mai 2016

I have the pleasure to announce that I shall participate in the annual spring exhibition of artworks created by members of the ALPAP which will take place at Le centre d’art Sainte-Rose de Laval (Quebec). All the details are below. The following picture shows my participation to the exhibit. Two limited edition prints from my digital hybrid paintings series: “Par pur plaisir” (For the Fun of It) and “Je suis là pour toi” (I’m Here for You).

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Build, Destroy and Build Again, or Letting Go in Painting

Create a painting is not always a linear process from A to Z. Sometimes you go back to scratch the paint, carve in, tear away, start all over again or destroy to rebuild and complete the artwork. The painting which follows was not only made a dozen layers of cold wax medium and oil paint with embedded hand painted paper, copper leaves and cheese cloth, but was created from the partial destruction of those layers.

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New Paintings With Golden Acrylic Ink On Yasutomo Rock Paper

Below are three paintings created with Golden High Flow transparent inks on Yasutomo rock paper. For those I showed you last week (see here) I rubbed and scratched the paper extensively to test the strength of it. This time, I added more water and rubbing alcohol to see if it will buckle and explore different texture effects. And no, the rock paper does not buckle under regular use.

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Yasutomo Multi Media Rock Paper and Three Acrylic Ink Paintings

I recently tested the multimedia mineral paper made by Yasutomo. In what follows, I speak about it and compare this paper with the TerraSkin. I also take the opportunity to show you some of my recent paintings created with the High Flow transparent acrylic ink from Golden on Yasutomo’s paper.

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