Fine pluie, éveil des sens - Quiet Rain, Awakening of the Senses

From the Intuitive Digital Paintings 2014-2013 Gallery


Fine pluie, éveil des sens (Quiet Rain, Awakening of the Senses)


Digital. Created with Corel Painter.


November 2014.


Rain drops are falling on the foliage of the trees. Little by little, colors become intensified. The green becomes even more green and the ferns seem to say thank you. The ground releases the smell of soil and all the forest appears to be revivified and to breathe differently. I take a deep breath; my skin is wet, and my senses awakened. This is the source of inspiration behind this painting.

This intuitive digital painting is part of my series of abstract and semi-abstract landscapes inspired by memories and symbolic images coming from my childhood.

The Images

First is the complete digital painting.

Second and third are closeups.

© 2014, Louise Lamirande.




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